NAACP wants thorough investigation of shooting that left 2 teenagers dead

The Dayton Unit NAACP wants a thorough -- not swift -- investigation of the Aug. 28 shooting on Conners Street in Dayton that left two young black men dead, unit President Derrick Foward said.

The Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office, in a statement released this week, gave no indication when the investigation would end: "The matter is still pending and currently being investigated by the Dayton Police Department. Once they have completed it, they will review it with our office."

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Police Chief Richard Biehl has said investigators have learned that the property owner -- whose name has not been released because no charges have been filed -- fired multiple shots from a .38-caliber revolver when he encountered three individuals in the detached garage of his home in the 800 block of Conners Street. The garage was not secured. The three were in a car. The man heard voices and noises coming from the garage and went outside, armed, to see what was going on, the chief said.

The autopsies revealed Devin Henderson and Javier Harrison, both 17, were shot in the back.

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The third person there that night, 19-year-old Jashin Gregory Gibson, ran and and eluded the gunfire. He returned minutes later and was arrested. Friday, he remained in jail on a probation violation and has about six weeks before he is released. Police investigators dropped a charge of breaking and entering, stemming from the Conners Street homicides.

"One thing that we do know," the NAACP's Foward said at a news briefing Thursday night that included Gibson's family, "we don't believe whatever took place in that garage should have led to murder. There were no other weapons found at the scene."

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Foward said, "We don't want a swift investigation. We want a thorough investigation."

Gibson's family wants him out of jail. They also want justice for Henderson and Harrison.

"It's been a nightmare," said his grandmother, Marsha Gibson.

Davonna Henderson, the sister of Devin, accused the resident of sneaking up on the young men.

"You got up on these kids and shot them from the back," she said. "This was intentional. You knew what you were doing."

Devin's mother, Linda, said, "I just want justice for my baby and his friend. I just want [the resident] found guilty for what he did to our babies. I ain't gonna rest until I know this is…oh my goodness."

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