Teen shot, killed by property owner; father speaks out

DAYTON — The father of one of the teens shot to death while reportedly trespassing on a man’s property Wednesday night said his son was often on the property.

Devin Henderson, 17, and Javier Harrison, 17, both of Dayton, died after they were shot in the 800 block of Conners Street Wednesday night.

Harrison’s father spoke to News Center 7’s Mike Campbell.

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“It wasn’t in your house, it was in your garage,” said Jimmy Harrison. “That’s like 10 feet away from your house, you know so that means you’re seeing some perps out there at your garage, you know, so my first instinct is to call the police.”

Harrison said Javier’s mother called him about the shooting 10 minutes after it happened.

The father said the two teens often were in the garage at the Connors Street address, smoking marijuana.

“I want answers because they have always been there smoking weed in that garage or whatever you want to call it,”Jimmy Harrison said. “They always have been there, and they always hung there smoking weed in that garage.”

“They have all been there (Javier, Devin and their friends). We have pictures of them being there,” Jimmy Harrison added, alleging that the property owner knew of the teens' presence in the garage.

“My first instinct is to call the police. I feel that he (property owner) took the law into his own hands and did what he thinks is justified. It is wrongdoing, it was wrongdoing.”

Jimmy Harrison said his son was getting his life together and, “his future was bright. But I feel like it (his life) was took before we could get it together.”

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