More members of violent motorcycle gang appear in federal court; 2 members to be released from jail

DAYTON — More members in a violent federal organized case learned they would not be getting out of jail before their trials.

On Tuesday, eight of the 14 members of the Thug Riders Motorcycle Club faced a judge in US District Court in Dayton. Only two of them, Justin Baker and Cody Hughes, learned they would be getting out of jail before they face a jury.

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News Center 7′s John Bedell was in court Tuesday and learned that Baker and Hughes will be released from jail on Thursday morning under strict conditions. Both men will be under house arrest with a GPS ankle monitor and they’ll have computer monitoring so the court can keep an eye on who they’re talking to.

Also on Tuesday, prosecutors replayed security video we reported about on Monday but revealed new information while they did this. An Assistant US Attorney said the video showed members of the Dayton chapter of the Thug Riders putting masks and body armor on at a gas station in Lexington, Kentucky. After that, the group drove to a rival gang’s clubhouse in Lexington.

Video captured what prosecutors say are members of the Thug Riders shooting more than 190 bullets into the rival clubhouse while people were inside.

As reported on News Center 7 at 6:00, prosecutors have also revealed that they have a shooting at another rival clubhouse in Springfield and two assaults in Dayton on video.

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The gang is accused of working together to make money off organized crime and of committing violent crimes like the shootings and assaults, as well as a car bombing, to support their illegal business and intimidate others.

In total, 10 members of the gang who were arrested last week have appeared before a judge for their detention hearings. Other than Baker and Hughes, none of the other members have learned they will be released.

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