Member of motorcycle gang accused of violent crimes appears in federal court

DAYTON — One of 14 men accused of violent organized crime appeared in court Monday.

Federal prosecutors said the men were all in the “Thug Riders Motorcycle Club.”

Monday, a judge told Michael Henry he will stay in jail between now and his trial.

The Department of Justice said Henry was in an “outlaw motorcycle gang.”

They’re accused of making money off organized crime and of committing violent crimes to support their illegal business and intimidate others.

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During court, prosecutors showed surveillance videos that they say captured four crimes.

Two assaults at Dayton bars and two shootings at rival gang clubhouses in Lexington, Kentucky in April 2023 and in Springfield in March.

Federal prosecutors admitted while Henry did not pull the trigger or throw any punches, he was there when the crimes happened and part of a gang accused of coordinating extreme acts of violence.

Federal prosecutors are asking for all 14 men facing charges here to stay in jail before their trial.

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During detention hearings at the U.S. District Court in Dayton, a judge will decide whether the defendants will stay in jail before their trial.

Henry was the first in this group to learn a judge agreed with federal prosecutors.

He’ll stay locked up until he faces a jury.

Henry’s lawyer argued to have him released before trial but lost that argument.

He declined to comment when News Center 7 asked him after court.

At least six more defendants in this case have their detention hearings scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

We’ll let you know what the judge decides for them.

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