Local veterinarian explains how to keep your pet safe during the total solar eclipse

MORAINE — The historic total solar eclipse will appear in the Miami Valley in just two weeks.

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As reported on News Center 7 at 5:30, a local veterinarian details how you can keep your pets safe during this rare event.

When it comes to the eclipse, MedVet Emergency Room Veterinarian Suzanne Ellis said animals will have the same reaction as humans.

Looking at the eclipse without proper eye protection will damage any eye.

“It can injure your retinas. So, I mean it could injure their retinas too and anybody that stares at it,” Ellis said.

Ellis has been treating animals for more than 20 years and she has yet to treat an animal with an eclipse-related injury.

“If you do catch them, if they look for just a few seconds, that’s no big deal,” Ellis said.

Pet owner Rochelle Savoy said she plans to keep her dog, Trixie, inside during the eclipse.

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“I didn’t even think about it until I heard you say eclipse and dogs and I’m like oh okay,” Savoy said. “So, she’ll stay safe and warm inside.”

If your pets stare at the eclipse too long, Ellis thinks you will be able to tell if something is wrong.

“Usually bumping into things is the owner’s first clue that there’s something wrong with their vision,” Ellis said.

Savoy said her dog Trixie can get nervous in big group settings. Ellis said issues like this are more likely than retina injuries

“Dog fights, food ingestions, so vomiting, diarrhea, GI signs, I’ll see those within the days afterward if people do have parties,” Savoy said. “Anytime there is a difference in their routine it can stress them out.”

If you are worried about how your pet will react to the eclipse, Ellis recommends you just keep them inside.

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