Dayton Get’s Real: Local diaper bank helping families in need

DAYTON — Diapers are a necessity that every baby needs, but they can be a strain to buy for some families.

To help give new parents a sense of relief, News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott talked with the co-founder of a program that works to hand out diapers for free.

The cost to fill up a cart with groceries has gone up for everyone and for some families, diapers can be particularly hard to buy.

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As a mother herself, Rosemary Roberts said she knows the feeling of not being able to afford diapers for her baby.

“It was sad,” said Roberts, the co-founder and executive director of Gem City Diaper Bank. “You just don’t forget it. And I didn’t forget that experience.”

The National Diaper Bank Network says nearly one in three low-income families struggle to afford diapers.

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Roberts does not want them to have the same experience she did - so she decided to get involved.

“That’s how we became a diaper bank,” she said.

The Gem City Diaper Bank gives diapers to low-income families every other month for free those who are on government assistance.

“Diapers are very expensive,” Roberts said. “It can be stressful but it’s about up to $100 a month per child and the cost keeps going up.”

Roberts has thousands of diapers stocked.

“We get a lot of donations from diaper drives,” Roberts said.

Ready to be given to the 60-plus families she is currently helping in the Miami Valley.

Roberts said they even have a waitlist.

This program is something mother of three Melanie Orcutt said she would have used as a new mom.

“If I qualified for it I would,” Orcutt said. “That kind of program would help someone if they are struggling definitely.”

Hearing that and from the people she helps reminds Roberts that what she is doing is making a difference.

“It is a great feeling knowing that I am helping other families to do this,” she said. “That sigh of relief, that ‘thank you’ in their eyes when they come get diapers and you’re so happy to get diapers from us. It gives me a sense of joy.”

Roberts works with the Salvation Army where families pick up diapers every other month.

To find out more about this program, you can visit their website here.

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