Local city’s IT director resigned 9 days before ransomware attack

HUBER HEIGHTS — There’s new information about a ransomware attack that put a Montgomery County city into a state of emergency.

Huber Heights’ IT director resigned nine days before the cyber attack.

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News Center 7 is still working to find out who the attack impacts.

For John Re, getting your information taken is scary.

“It’s very scary, wouldn’t you be scared everyone’s information is compromised,” Re said.

Steve Offord told News Center 7 that he’ll have to trust his computer system.

“Hopefully it doesn’t affect me, but there isn’t really nothing I can do about it I have Malware and so forth on my computer so hopefully that works the way it’s supposed to,” Offord said.

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Huber Heights City Manager Richard Dzik clarified some things regarding the timeline of events.

On October 3rd, the then IT director notified the city he was going to leave. His final day was November 3rd. The ransomware attack happened November 12th at 8:13 a.m.

Now the forensic collection finished today and will take a couple of weeks.

Offord said he was shocked when he first heard the news about the city’s software.

“But again you’re dealing with electronic equipment and so forth and you can only do so much to protect those things,” Offord said.

Huber Heights is having a press conference on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. to address these issues.

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