‘Literally it fell out of the air,’ witness describes shocking conclusion to U.S. 35 chase

BEAVERCREEK — A man driving on Grange Hall Road witnessed the crash that ended a wrong-way pursuit on U.S. 35 in Beavercreek Wednesday morning.

“I saw this black vehicle flying over the overpass. Literally it fell out of the air,” said Jason Saldana, of Springboro. “Once he was in the guardrail the officers came over and started beating out the back window.”

Saldana described the conclusion of the chase as “crazy” and said the two people inside were hurt.

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“I was just in shock,” Saldana said.  “It was just a pretty scary ordeal.”

Saldana immediately grabbed his cell phone and began recording the crash scene to document what was happening, he said.

In the video you see numerous officers surround the vehicle and several police K-9 units also arrive on the scene.

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