U.S. 35 wrong-way pursuit: Scanner traffic from police

U.S. 35 wrong-way pursuit: Scanner traffic from police

Law enforcement worked to track down a reportedly stolen vehicle this afternoon and emergency scanner traffic captures the multiple steps taken by police to end the chase.

“He’s approaching Woodman Drive, going down the hill at about 75 miles an hour,” said an officer.

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As the pursuit continued southbound on North Fairfield Road an officer indicated, “He’s got a flat front right tire.”

The pursuit ended when the car went off the highway and down an embankment on Grange Hall Road right at the U.S. 35 overpass.

After the crash, officers asked “Can you get Beavercreek down on Grange Hall under 35 to stop traffic?”

Not long after Grange Hall was blocked, officers adjusted their request, “If we can open up Grange Hall so the medics can get in.”

Two people in the car were injured in the crash and one of the occupants was unconscious, according to police on scene.