Search for Erica Baker continues; Piece of land in Dayton cleared

DAYTON — Crews searching for Erica Baker cleared an area in Dayton on Sunday, according to a social media post from Equusearch Midwest.

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Baker disappeared while walking her dog in Kettering 25 years ago, according to previous News Center 7 reports.

Since then, police and nonprofits like Equusearch Midwest have come together to look for Baker.

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During Sunday’s search, Equusearch Midwest, Kettering Police Department, Five Rivers Metro Police, Luther Landscaping, and McCabe Property Services joined forces.

On social media, Equusearch Midwest gave a shoutout to the “Missing Erica Baker” podcast for keeping her story alive.

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“We cleared a large piece of property to know where Erica isn’t, keep all involved in these searches along with Erica’s family in your prayers,” the post said.

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