Jail video footage shows inmate attacking another inmate, corrections officers

(UPDATE @ 7:05 p.m.): Video obtained by this news organization shows a female Montgomery County Jail inmate attacking another inmate and several corrections officers several weeks ago.

Investigators said they believe an inmate threw food at Dominique Meadows, 18, prompting the assault just before 5 p.m. on June 12.

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Because Meadows has been in the county jail previously, has a history of behavioral issues, has been in fights and made threats towards staff, Sheriff Rob Streck said there will be additional procedures for Meadows when she has to return for court hearings.

Meadows was brought back to the jail in June from the prison system for a court hearing for another charge.

Jail camera video footage shows Meadows attacking the inmate accused of throwing the food. A “Signal 99” was dropped to have all available corrections officers respond to the cell.

The footage shows Meadows attacking the first two corrections officers, both women, as they entered the area. One of the corrections officers reported being hit at least a half-dozen times.

Several more corrections officers arrived, including sergeants who deployed Tasers. After several moments of struggle, Meadows was handcuffed. A sergeant hit her with a Taser twice prior to placing her in handcuffs.

Meadows was in the special housing unit for inmates who do not get along with general population.

Most inmates are housed in big open rooms, like a dorm.

The women’s side of the jail is not equipped for single cells like the men’s side.

“There is a very good chance that every time there is a hearing, she will be brought back to the facilities,” Streck said. “That will be challenge for us, to find a place to house her and for everyone to be safe.”

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Meadows is serving a one-year sentence at the Dayton Correctional Institution for an earlier assault.

She will be charged with three new offenses in the latest jail incident, which includes two felony counts of assault and one misdemeanor count of assault approved by the prosecutor’s office.

Streck said the two officers Meadows assaulted received medical attention and missed work. Streck said his staff did an excellent job under extremely tough circumstances.

“Their whole goal really is to help inmates, and if you spend any time in there, you’d see that,” Streck said. “The violence that came out of those couple of minutes is rare.”

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