‘Something deadly serious;’ Neighbors react after police officer shot, suspect dead in Clayton

CLAYTON — A police officer is in the hospital and the suspect investigators think shot him is dead after a SWAT standoff in Clayton.

The investigation occurred in the 300 block of Hacker Road.

Sandy Freeman lives three houses down from the scene.

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She said the first thing she noticed was the massive amount of law enforcement.

“I heard dozens and dozens of law enforcement officers flying up the street,” she recalled.

She said she counted over 20 cars.

“It was very scary, and I was home alone. My husband was trying to get home. He was on his way and I was talking to him on the phone telling him how to get into the neighborhood to get home,” Freeman said.

Leslie Smith also said she saw officers from across Montgomery County on the scene.

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“I just heard an officer standing down there directing traffic said something about an active shooter .. that’s all I heard,” she said.

Al Jordan said when he saw three SWAT trucks reportedly go through the neighborhood he knew this was more than just a typical call.

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“I tell you it’s something deadly serious for them to be bringing in police from all over the county,” he said.

He said he isn’t sure exactly what is going on, but “It’s nothing simple.”

We will continue following this story and update as we learn more.

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