‘It really hurts;’ Tornado strikes historic church, nearby cemetery

CLARK COUNTY — A church that has been around since the 1800s was destroyed by an EF2 tornado Wednesday.

As reported on News Center 7 at 11, A wall is missing from the outside of Fletcher Chapel, but the damage gets worse as you step inside.

>> WATCH: Video shows destruction left by tornado that traveled nearly 19 miles

Almost two feet of insulation fell from the ceiling during Wednesday’s storms.

“There’s just so much here that has to be taken care of, cleaned up,” Pastor Larry Moore said.

Now windows are boarded up, the walls have cracks, and animals have already moved their way inside.

>> NWS confirms at least 5 tornadoes in Ohio during Wednesday storms

Moore said the church has been here since 1883.

“I can’t even find the roof,” More said. “It’s gone.”

The storm spread pieces of the roof throughout the cemetery, it also damaged some people’s graves.

“It’s crazy. Place is completely destroyed,” James Jackson said.

Jackson, along with several other families showed up to check on their family’s plots.

“Feel kind of bad for all the families and stuff,” Izabelle Jackson said. " Some people can’t go and see the graves because of how covered they are.”

Moore said the insurance company will be out here tomorrow and he hopes he can fix the damage quickly.

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