‘[It] just wasn’t fair; I want justice,’ Sister of woman killed in German Twp. crash says

GERMAN TWP., Montgomery County — The sister of a woman killed last weekend in a head-on crash in German Twp. wants the driver of the other car to spend the rest of his life in prison.

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Kaley Slivinski spoke with News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis on Wednesday evening outside Dayton Children’s Hospital, where Kelsey Slivinski’s 8-year-old son is recovering from numerous injuries that include a broken leg. A memorial has been created near the site, in the 9900 block of state Route 4, where 24-year-old Kelsey Slivinski was killed the night of Aug. 5.

The 20-year-old driver of the other car, whose name Germantown police have not released, apparently was arrested Monday at Miami Valley Hospital, Kaley said police have told her.

News Center 7 has asked Germantown police for information about the crash, but we have not been given a response as of Wednesday night.

“I want justice,” Kaley said. “I want him to spend the rest of his life in prison. My sister was 24. She has a son. She had a whole life ahead of her. . . . If I cannot get justice, I will never rely on the system ever again. That’s my biggest fear.”

Kaley, who lives in Franklin, said she and her sister did everything together -- work, holidays, birthdays, “every anything.”

On the day Kelsey was killed, the sisters were to spend the evening shopping for Kaley’s birthday. Kelsey had gotten off work two hours earlier than Kaley and was on her way to meet her sister.

Her last words were ‘I’ll see you later,’ " Kaley said. “I didn’t get to see her again.”

They had grow again because Kelsey had recently moved back to Ohio from Indiana.

“She literally was the light of everything,” Kaley said.

Police have said Kelsey was not at fault and the collision, which is said to have involved a spinout and secondary collision involving the two cars, should not have happened, Kaley said.

“To be younger than my sister and be dumb enough to do that and kill her, just wasn’t fair,” she said.

“I don’t have any answers yet,” she said. “That would help with grieving and closure. We’re all just wondering. That’s all we want is closure. And that could take months. It could take years.”

Kaley also wants justice for her sister’s son, who she said is doing OK.

“I could never imagine losing my mom at eight years old -- and right before his birthday? I just can’t. . . . He is being strong.”

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