I-TEAM: Menacing allegations leads to protection order against local towing company

DAYTON — The News Center 7 I-Team has been looking into issues regarding a local towing company over the past several months.

A Dayton police report from Dec. 28 shows that workers with 937 Towing called police to report that a worker from Cottmans Towing had pulled a gun on one of their drivers.

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Taylor Nichols, the manager at 937 Towing, walked News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson through what she claims happened.

Nichols said on Dec. 28, she and her co-worker had called police to their lot on Pruden Avenue for an aggravated menacing call. She said it was regarding a video we showed you on News Center 7 at 5:00, where she claimed workers with Cottmans Towing had pulled a gun on them and that another was yelling at them.

“As we’re giving our statements to the cops, our friend hears a sound out back of our lots. He pulls the tarp up and Richie [Turner] and Lyndsie [Hobbs] are sitting in her Denali and pulls a gun on our friend, and we’re yelling at the cops about it. The cops pull them over with the gun,” Nichols said.

The report stated police made contact with Turner and Hobbs and found that Turner did have a pistol on him, but that he also had a valid CCW so police returned the gun to him and released them both.

“I think the next day we noticed some of our signs are missing at The Flight,” she said.

Nichols shared a video of someone taking the signs and throwing them in the trash, but it’s unclear who is responsible.

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A worker with 937 Towing also claimed that they were being followed by someone from Cottmans Towing and that they had been driving a blue car and black SUV by their lot frequently. While police were on scene, they saw both the blue car and black SUV, which the report said was driven by Hobbs, drive past 937 Towing several times.

“There should be no reason why they would come back there. It’s a dead-end street, so they’re literally just looping around our lot,” Nichols explained.

The I-Team learned Tuesday afternoon that Nichols got a protection order against Turner.

Robertson spoke to Turner on the phone Tuesday about the allegations. He told her that he would be willing to tell his side of the story at a later date, but right now he is being advised by his attorney to not make any comments.

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