I-TEAM: Multiple complaints filed with State over local towing company’s practices

DAYTON — A local towing company has had six complaints filed with the state against them about their towing practices.

News Center 7 previously reported that Cottmans Towing has experienced a handful of frustrated people as their car had been towed when they thought it was in a safe space.

>> A local towing company has had six complaints filed with the state against them about their towing practices.

The I-Team’s Taylor Robertson spoke to the company that owns several lots patrolled by Cottmans Towing.

Jason Dorsey is co-owner of Windoser Companies which contracts Cottmans Towing to patrol several of their lots.

“No one has come to me and said this was an issue,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey said a few months back, he was made aware that people were continually parking in his private lot.

“I said we don’t have enough signs out there so go put up more signs,” he said.

The I-Team has learned there are two open complaints with the Public Utility Commission of Ohio that they said is currently under investigation.

That’s in addition to the four complaints that have been filed with the Attorney General’s Office.

Once Dorsey saw the body camera footage from the confrontation between Cottmans and Dayton police he called Richie Turner, the owner of Cottmans.

“I completely just flipped out about that,” Dorsey said. “I said listen, I appreciate everything that you do for me so far, you’ve been great. But you just can’t, you cannot say that. You can’t say that Windsor gave you the power to do that, we can tow anybody but not emergency vehicles.”

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According to Ohio law, private lots must have proper signage at each entrance into the lot stating the property is a tow away zone, an address and phone number of the place where the person can retrieve their car, and it must be well-lit.

Dorsey said he would consider the allegations against Cottmans.

“I’m going to check into that though, myself. I’ll call my other staff and our directors of management and see what they say because that’s something I will address if that is the case,” he said.

The I-Team reached out to Cottmans Towing to see if they had a comment on the allegations.

They declined to comment.

We will continue following this story and update as it develops.

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