High E. coli levels detected at lake at area state park; stunned parkgoers leave after learning that

An advisory has been issued for an area lake after high levels of E. coli were detected.

A Bacteria Contamination Advisory has been issued for Acton Lake at Hueston Woods State Park, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

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The advisory was issued on June 18 and remains active.

Jennifer Newman came to Acton Lake a couple of days ago and noticed something was wrong, but she didn’t think that was because of contamination until News Center 7 broke the news to her.

“Oh it is? We got to go!” Newman said after being told about the advisory.

As shown on News Center 7 at 5:00, another family overheard our team and they packed their things up and left.

“I’m getting out of here because we’ve been here for over an hour and they’ve been drinking, actually drinking, the water and stuff,” Brittany Bowman, of Hamilton, said. “And that’s really aggravating.”

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The Ohio EPA defines water that is suitable for recreation as unsafe for human contact when E. coli is greater than 298 colony counts per 100 mL of water.

The latest sampling results from Lake Action state E. coli levels are over 866 colony counts per 100 mL.

Newman thanked our team for letting her know about the contamination.

“We gotta be safe. Gotta be safe for sure,” she said. “Thank you, thank you for telling us.”

Current water quality advisories can be found here.

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