No injuries in Franklin apartment building fire traced to clothes dryer

UPDATED @ 8:21 p.m.: No one was injured in the building fire on Dayton Oxford Road that firefighters traced to a clothes dryer in a third-floor apartment, Franklin Twp. Fire Chief Kevin Jennings said.

Smoke could be seen as crews arrived, he said. They quickly knocked down the flames in the apartment and contained the damage to the bedroom, where the dryer was located.

An initial report that someone may have been trapped in the building turned out to be unfounded, the chief said. Everyone, including the resident in the unit where the fire broke out, was able to get out safely.

Chief Jennings said it was too early to estimate the money damage to the building and contents. But, he said, the resident will have to be relocated to another apartment in the 12-unit building because of the fire, smoke and water damage.


A structure fire was reported around 5 p.m on the 8700 block of Dayton Oxford Road in Warren County.

Initial reports stated a person was trapped in the residence, but according to scanner traffic the patient has self extricated themselves.

We are one our way to the scene and will update you with the latest information.

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