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  • Tennessee Titans players enjoy eclipse after practice

    Members of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans were treated to a post-practice eclipse party Monday, and players laid on the field with pairs of glasses to view the celestial wonder,  reported.

    Nashville was in the path of the solar eclipse that raced through the United States on

  • Watch the International Space Station fly across the solar eclipse

    A NASA photographer managed to capture the moment that the moved across Monday in a series of rare high-speed photos.

    Space agency photo editor Joel Kowsky used a high-speed camera from a vantage point in Banner, Wyoming to shoot at the exact moment the ISS flew

  • Humorous warning to protect horses during eclipse goes viral

    An animal rescue organization in Florida had a humorous solution for protecting horses during Monday’s solar eclipse, and it has gotten plenty of support online.

    Heartland Rescue Ranch of Panama City shared a photo of a horse with a bra strapped around its face, covering

  • Missouri newlyweds say ‘I do’ during eclipse

    For newlyweds Samantha and Cameron Kuhn, Monday’s marriage was out of this world.

    The couple celebrated their wedding vows with family and friends within the path of totality of the solar eclipse that crossed the United States.

    “Being able to do the wedding

  • Judge shot in ambush outside courthouse; 1 suspect killed, officials say

    The shooter was identified as Nathaniel Richmond, the father of Ma’Lik Richmond, according to Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin. 

    Ma’Lik Richmond served around 10 months in a juvenile prison after he and another high school football player were convicted of raping a 16-year-old

  • Trump’s plan in Afghanistan: What time, what channel, is it livestreamed?

    President Donald Trump will speak to the nation on Monday night to lay out his plan of action for fighting the war in Afghanistan.According to several sources, Trump has made the decision to commit more troops to the nearly 16-year war, America’s longest-running conflict. The U.S. went to war

  • Woman fatally shot after likely social media dispute, police say

    A Georgia man accused of of two and injuring another man after a possible dispute on social media remains jailed in the Walton County, authorities said. 

    Suspect Desmond Sharron Jackson, 22, faces murder, aggravated assault, aggravated battery and a weapons charge in the Sunday

  • Baby named Eclipse born in South Carolina

    It was inevitable, perhaps. A baby was born Monday in South Carolina was named after the Great American Eclipse.

    Eclipse Alizebeth Eubanks was born at 8:04 a.m. on Monday at Greenville Memorial Hospital,  reported.

    The child weighs 6 pounds, 3 ounces and is about

  • Eclipse causes strange shadows during totality

    While people were gazing upward to witness Monday’s spectacular solar eclipse, shadows on the ground were just as fascinating. Some of them even looked like crescents.

    According to , in the minute or two before and after the sun is totally blocked, people

  • Donald Trump stares at sun during solar eclipse, sans protective glasses

    President Donald Trump ignored the advice of optometrists and scientists nationwide Monday when he squinted to look up at the sun during the 2017 solar eclipse.

    The president and first lady Melania Trump took in the eclipse with their son, Barron, on the White House’s Truman

  • Taylor Swift teases fans with snaky return to social media

    Days after surprising fans by disappearing from social media and having her website go dark, Taylor Swift is returning with a few selective images.

    that Swift , and her official website went black.

    Swifties -- Swift’s fan base -- speculated about the change. Three years

  • Famous Norman Rockwell study drawing of umpires fetches $1.68M at auction

    An original study drawing of a famous illustration by Norman Rockwell sold for $1.68 million Sunday night in  Platinum Night Sports auction.

    The 1948 study, or preliminary work, for “Tough Call,” which was used as the April 23, 1949, cover of The Saturday Evening Post

  • Miss Monday’s eclipse? 2024 view from other U.S. cities will be better

    If you were stuck inside Monday , don’t worry. You still have .


    Mark April 8, 2024, on your calendar. On that date, at 5:17 p.m., the eclipse will commence in Austin, Texas, turning daylight into twilight. The total eclipse will be visible in Austin at 6:36 p.m

  • Eye damage from eclipse can show later: What you need to know

    If you damaged your eyes during the eclipse, it might take a while before you see symptoms.

    The first full solar eclipse to pass over America , and residents across the country came out to watch the event.

    Those who didn’t use certified eclipse-viewing glasses or

  • Britney Spears proves she really can sing with impromptu live song at Vegas show

    Pop star is tired of all the during her live Las Vegas shows.

    Spears over the weekend, singing the southern classic “” live onstage with a band accompanying her.

    After telling the audience she’d been thinking about it for sometime, she explained why she decided

  • Recent high school graduate, athlete killed in fight, police say

    A former star athlete at Georgia’s Paulding County High School was shot and killed Friday in a subdivision after a fight, police in Dallas, Georgia, said. 

    Tommy Lee Robinson, 18, had just left a football game at the school when he went to the Ivy Trace subdivision, Dallas police

  • Man threatens barking puppy with gun

    Puyallup police are searching for a man who they say pulled a gun on a woman and her puppy in the middle of a local park.

    The incident happened in Decoursey Park in downtown Puyallup.

    On the Puyallup police Facebook page, it said on Thursday around 12:40 p.m., a man walked up

  • David Bowie’s baby daughter all grown up; mom Iman shares rare photo

    shared a of her daughter with late husband.

    Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones is all grown up. Lexi turned 17 this week and s and proud mom, Iman, posted a on Instagram on Thursday to wish her a happy birthday.

    “The Queen of my heart Lexi Jones at 17 years old!&rdquo

  • 5-year-old dies after domestic violence incident at UNC

    Authorities say a 5-year-old has died and his parents were injured in a domestic violence incident at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    Multiple media outlets report the violence occurred shortly after midnight Sunday in a single-family residence at the Baity Hill family

  • Aztecs, Mayans marveled at eclipses — and predicted them with precision

    Astronomers across the ages have looked up to the .

    Using different numerical systems, the Aztecs and the Mayans observed eclipses and could predict with precision when the next one would occur. In fact, they could have predicted Monday’s solar eclipse with small margins of error

  • 8-week-old mauled to death by family dogs

    An 8-week-old boy was mauled to death by the family dogs over the weekend.

    Michael James Obergas was in his bassinet in a secure room. When his parents walked away, one of their dogs nudged open a door and attacked the child, .

    Paramedics were called to the house for the

  • Solar Eclipse 2017: NASA live stream, live updates

    Monday marks the first time in nearly 100 years that a total solar eclipse will be visible from the continental U.S. 

    The 10 best locations to watch the eclipse across the country can be found , but if getting to one of those cities isn’t possible, NASA is hosting 

  • Mother arrested after 16-month-old overdoses, authorities say

    An Indiana mother is facing charges after authorities said her 16-month-old son overdosed on opiates and had to be revived with naloxone, according to multiple reports.

    Daisha Clark, 26, was arrested last week after her cousin took her son to Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, . She

  • Solar Eclipse 2017: Watch for cool shadow snakes just before and after eclipse

    Shadow snakes or shadow bands are wavy lines of light and dark that race across the ground just before and after the moon totally blocks out the sun during .

    Scientists still don’t completely understand what these mysterious bands of light and shadow are or where they originate

  • Teen turns in $1,500 found in shopping cart

    Maybe it was cash to pay their bills to make a car payment, rent or mortgage.

    Either way, when Kameron Grigsby, 17, who works as a parking lot attendent at HEB grocery store, found $1,500 in a wallet in a shopping cart, he immediately turned it in, .

    “I always believe

  • Navy plans operation pause, calls for review of collisions in the Pacific

    The U.S. Navy will take a one-day operational pause in the coming weeks to “ensure we are taking all appropriate immediate measure to enhance the Navy’s safe and effective operation around the world,” Navy Adm. John Richardson, who is chief of naval operations, said on Monday

  • Solar Eclipse 2017: Productivity will suffer as sky darkens

    We should all just call it a day since not a lot of work is going to get done once the eclipse starts to darken the United States from coast to coast.

    Monday’s eclipse will cost companies nearly $700 million of productive work for the approximately 20 minutes

  • Solar eclipse 2017: If you can’t get glasses, here’s what to do to watch Monday’s

    If you have not gotten a pair of glasses to view Monday’s solar eclipse, you are not alone.Retail stores and online outlets across the country have reported that supplies are low or nonexistent in the hours before the 2017 solar eclipse.If you haven’t secured a pair, there are a few things

  • NYPD officers support Colin Kaepernick at rally

    Police officers in New York City are .

    The former football star came under heavy criticism for kneeling during the national anthem last year and remains unsigned by any team.

    On Saturday, a group of NYPD officers showed up at an event in support of Kaepernick.

    Sgt. Edwin

  • Solar Eclipse 2017 in photos
    Millions across the U.S. have been waiting to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime event. Take a look at the Solar Eclipse of 2017.
  • Solar Eclipse 2017: Google Doodle marks sky show

    A once-in-a-lifetime celestial event has been honored with its own Google Doodle.

    The animation features two extra-terrestrials playing their version of lunar volleyball. 


    Their ball is the moon, and every volley blocks

  • Teacher at elite private school accused of sex with 16-year-old student

    A teacher at an elite private school  after the Los Angeles Police Department arrested her on suspicions of an illicit relationship with a 16-year-old male student.

    According to multiple media outlets, including the ,  and the , science teacher Aimee Palmitessa,

  • Michelle Carter case back in court to clarify sentence

    A  will be held Monday to clarify the sentence handed down in the texting-suicide trial.

    The state’s Office of the Commissioner of Probation is looking for clarification about Michelle Carter’s punishment after part of it was put on hold by the judge. The confusion centers

  • Confederate statues removed from University of Texas at Austin campus

    University of Texas President Gregory L. Fenves abruptly announced late Sunday that  from the school’s South Mall.

    The bronze likenesses of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Albert Sidney Johnston and Confederate Postmaster John H. Reagan will be relocated to the university&rsquo

  • Solar eclipse 2017: You can be a 'citizen scientist' during the Great American Eclipse

    For the first time in 99 years,  will cross North America on Monday.

    The eclipse is expected to cross from Oregon, entering the U.S. at 10:15 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, and leaving U.S. shores from South Carolina at 2:50 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, over the course of an hour

  • Solar eclipse 2017: What's on your Great American Eclipse playlist?

    On Monday, millions of people will watch the first in .

    So we thought it might be fun to make an eclipse-related playlist of songs that use the words moon, eclipse or sun in the title. 

    Or, perhaps, in the spirit of this “once-in-a-lifetime" event, how about

  • Solar eclipse 2017: Is it safe to take a selfie with the eclipse? How to do it the

    The  on Monday is expected to draw millions of Americans to cities along the centerline path of totality, where the moon completely blocks the sun, the earth goes dark and the .

    And with all the hype surrounding the total eclipse, you’re probably wondering if you can sneak a

  • Rare Aston Martin sports car sells for record-setting $22.5 million

    A rare Aston Martin sports car sold for a record-setting $22.5 million at RM Sotheby’s auction at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance during Monterey Car Week.

    The  was created to compete in the World Sportscar Championship and Le Mans race series.

    Only five

  • Anquan Boldin retires after 14 seasons

    Anquan Boldin’s football career has come to an end.

    The former Pahokee and FSU standout has decided to retire after 14 seasons in the National Football League, according to ESPN.

    The network’s NFL reporter Jim Trotter broke the news Sunday night via Twitter.


  • Alabama’s Nick Saban on eclipse; ‘I’ll watch it on TV’

    Alabama football coach Nick Saban is not impressed with the hype surrounding Monday’s total eclipse,  reported. 

    “I watch the Weather Channel every day,” Saban said Saturday after a scrimmage at Bryant-Denny Stadium. “They're already saying what it's

  • 1979 solar eclipse news report ended with wish for peace in 2017

    “May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace.”

    Those were the words of ABC News anchorman Frank Reynolds, who covered the last total eclipse that passed over the continental United States on Feb. 21, 1979. Reynolds ended his broadcast with a hopeful message of world

  • 10 sailors missing after USS John S. McCain collides with tanker

    Ten sailors are missing and five are injured after a U.S. Navy destroyer collided with an oil and chemical tanker early Monday.

    The  collided with the "Alnic MC" at 6:24 a.m. in the Strait of Malacca off the coast of Singapore in the Pacific Ocean, .

    The USS John S

  • Eclipse also has relevance for astrologers

    Monday’s total eclipse is a significant event for astronomers, but it also has relevance for astrologers. 

    On her website, astrologer  said that several major history-altering events -- including the explosion of the first atomic bomb and the assassination of President

  • Thieves use forklift to steal ATM, police say

    Police are asking for the public’s help to  and loading it into a waiting truck.

    The thieves used a large CAT forklift to crash into the drive-thru portion of a bank last Wednesday. Police believe the criminals might have some ties to the construction industry.


  • Eastern Tennessee town prepares for ‘sweetest view’ of eclipse

    The east Tennessee town of Sweetwater is normally quiet, with the  caverns its main tourist attraction. On Monday, the town will be bustling with thousands of people ready to view the total eclipse that will be passing through the area.

    City recorder Jessica Morgan said nearly

  • Group from Latvia travels to Idaho for eclipse

    A group from Latvia will be among the thousands who will view Monday’s total eclipse, the  reported.

    Agnese Zalcmane organized a trip for 22 Latvians, who traveled more than 5,000 miles to Weiser, Idaho, this weekend.

    Zalcmane has seen seven total eclipses in places

  • Heavy rain causes car to descend sand bank

    Beaches can be beautiful, but they can also be unpredictable – especially when there’s 5 inches of rain.

    Ciaran Lucey found that out the hard way when his car was nearly swallowed while being parked outside the Beachcomber Friday night.

    “I ran out here with

  • National parks prime spots for eclipse viewing

    Thousands of people have been preparing for years to watch Monday’s total eclipse. Others are going to try and wing it. If you are more of a spur-of-the-moment person, then here are some places to view the eclipse -- assuming there is room. The eclipse will cross over . according to the