Uber for athletic trainers? Dayton Public Schools has a unique solution

DAYTON — News Center 7 recently reported how Dayton Public Schools has been operating without athletic trainers amid a nationwide shortage.

The district announced that it approved a contract with Go-4-Healthcare and it’s described as Uber for athletic trainers.

Belmont High School is playing against Trotwood-Madison Friday night, and News Center 7 wanted to know how Dayton Public School’s new athletic trainer plans are going.

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Go-4-Healthcare has an app that can be downloaded. Once you do that you have to make an account and then you can find athletic trainers.

With the service, the district will post a game and rate on the app and a trainer in the area can pick it up.

As News Center 7 previously, reported, the district did not have athletic trainers when it’s contract with Kettering Health ended in June, leaving them searching for a new way to provide the trainers.

The CEO for G0-4-Healthcare said their goal would be to have a single trainer working with each of the six schools that need athletic trainers.

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