Dozens of local children celebrate ‘forever’ families during Adoption Day celebration

DAYTON — 14 kids found a new family today, after Montgomery County Children Services finalized the adoptions, matching last year’s record.

Inside courtroom two of the Montgomery County Courtroom, families celebrated the first day of the rest of their lives during the ten separate adoption proceedings that took place.

“This one right here has been counting down her sleeps, right? Yeah! Last night she went to bed and she, what did you say today was? My adoption day! You’re adoption day!!” Kimberly Bilancia said.

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Kimberly and Steven Bilancia have been foster parents for three years. Kimberly told News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson the couple doesn’t have any kids of their own.

“We’ve always known that there’s challenges everywhere across seas and here in our own backyard, so that’s kind of why we got into fostering,” Steven Bilancia said.

They are officially parents of Kingston, Kenzlie, and Mckenna after today, but their journey together started years ago.

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“We have had these two [Kingston and Kenzlie] for about two years. And 2021…towards the end and miss Mckenna over here, she came to us in March on her third birthday,” Kimberly said.

Their journey hasn’t been easy either, with one of their children being nonverbal and requiring several visits to Therapists and Doctors weekly.

“We log 1,000 miles a month for medical care for these kids. Our care ranges from Dayton to Cincinnati and kind of everywhere in between,” Steven said.

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But both Steven and Kimberly Bilancia told Robertson it is beyond worth it, because they know the importance.

“Adoption is one of those things that it’s like, it’s a bittersweet thing you know, we’re gaining amazing, amazing children, and some families still losing them for whatever reason,” Kimberly said. “They’re amazing little people and I don’t think that anything’s gonna stop them from doing what they want to do anymore. So we’re just adding more chapters to their book.”

Today was the first day the Bilancias went home legally as a family, and they told Robertson they are ready to start their next chapter.

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