Suspect in deadly stolen Riverside cruiser crash, stabbing in jail

UPDATE @ 4:10 p.m. (Aug. 28):

Raymond A. Walters, the suspect in the deadly police cruiser crash and stabbing, is in custody at the Montgomery County Jail, according to jail officials.

Walters is in the process of being booked into the facility, according to the jail.

UPDATE @ 7:15 a.m. (Aug. 28):

Lloyd Walters is no longer a patient at Miami Valley Hospital, officials said Wednesday morning. Also, there are no indications that Raymond A. Walters has been charged. He was not listed on the Montgomery County Jail website as of 7:15.

In addition, we reached out Dayton Children’s Hospital for condition update of the children who were injured in the crash. However, the information was not available; a spokesperson said the information may be available later this morning.


Police plan to seek murder charges against a 32-year-old man accused of stabbing his father before stealing a Riverside police cruiser and crashing in Dayton, resulting in the death of two young girls.

  • Raymond A. Walters reportedly stabbed his father, Lloyd Walters, on Xenia Avenue in Dayton around 7:10 p.m.
  • Raymond Walters crashed on Airway Road in Riverside and stole police SUV at scene, sped away
  • Stolen police SUV and two vehicles, including van, crashed near the Dayton Metro Library downtown
  • Two children, Eleanor McBride and Penelope Jasko, were killed and 10 others, including 5 children were injured
  • Raymond Walters was injured and taken to hospital; he is in custody

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Dayton police Maj. Eric Henderson said the fatal crash that ended on East Third Street is believed to have started with a complaint about a stabbing on Xenia Avenue that Dayton police received about 7:10 p.m.

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Lloyd Walters was reportedly taking his son, Raymond Walters, to a hospital for mental health treatment. When Raymond Walters found out, he stabbed his father multiple times, said Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl.

Raymond Walters was reportedly on parole after being released in August for a robbery.

His father got out of the truck and Raymond Walters then drove off.

Shortly after, around 7:14 p.m., a car crashed into a tree on Airway Road in Riverside.

Riverside police responded, but were unaware of the stabbing, said Riverside Chief Frank Robinson.

After the officer stepped out of the cruiser to check on Raymond Walters, the suspect slid into the front seat.

According to witness John Posten, the officer used his Taser on the suspect when he refused to get out of the cruiser. The suspect and officer fought, and the suspect put the car into reverse and sped away. The suspect hit another cruiser as he fled.

Robinson said that an officer used a Taser on the suspect twice, but during the second time only one of the prongs hit Raymond Walters.

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The chief added that his officers responded as he would expect and that they approached Raymond Walters as a crash victim because they were not aware of the stabbing at that time.

He drove off toward downtown Dayton, hitting speeds over 100 mph.

Raymond Walters hit multiple vehicles while traveling 97 mph before crash near the Dayton Metro Library on Third Street.

The crash at the library was reported eight minutes after the crash at Airway Drive — at 7:22 p.m. The crash at the library involved three vehicles, including the stolen cruiser and a van that had seven children inside.

Two 6-year-old girls, Eleanor McBride of Huber Heights and Penelope Jasko of Dayton, died at Dayton Children’s Hospital following the crash. They were cousins, according to the family’s priest.

There were seven kids in the van, said Biehl. Six of them were siblings.

The family had just returned a library book and were pulling away from the curb when the crash happened.

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A third child is in critical condition, Biehl said.

Dayton Metro Library Executive Director Tim Kambitsch said the library family is “shaken” and offered condolences to the families involved.

“After hearing the collision on the street, our staff and United Protection Services security reacted immediately to secure safety for patrons, as well as pedestrians,” he said. “... We will continue to aid DPD as they work to piece together the details. Investigators received copies of security video footage early Tuesday morning, released under exigent circumstances.”

Denorris Hopgood was headed to dinner with his children when saw the aftermath of the accident on East Third Street. He said he heard someone scream that children were in a van involved in the multiple-vehicle crash.

“I jumped out and did my best to get as many children out of the van as I could,” he told News Center 7’s Sean Cudahy. He said it was difficult to see what he witnessed: one child severely injured, another pinned between a door and a seat.

He said one of the kids was in a car seat, one in a booster seat, one in the front, two in the middle and two in the rear.

Police took the suspect into custody at the Third Street accident. Raymond Walters did not cooperate with police, even when they were handcuffing him, Biehl said.

He was taken to a hospital, but his condition has not been released.

The conditions of the injured also were not known.

Tiffany Hameil, who was waiting for a bus on East Third, said she saw an oncoming car hit the stolen police SUV in the intersection at Patterson Road. One of the vehicles was spun around in the collision and hit vehicles parked along East Third Street near the library.

“I was terrified,” the Riverside resident said. “There were car parts flying all over the street.”

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>> Riverside police vehicle involved in crash on Airway Road

Police set up a perimeter at least a block long in each direction from the Dayton Metro Library on East Third Street immediately after the crash there.

At least six medic units were called to East Third Street.

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