Crashes reported as snow and rain cover roads throughout the Miami Valley

MIAMI VALLEY — Multiple crashes have been reported across the area as heavy snow moves through the Miami Valley Wednesday morning.


Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini says roads will become snow-covered and icy as the wet roads get colder with the snow piling on top.

Poor visibility and driving conditions are expected to continue through midday.

Law enforcement agencies throughout Miami Valley are reporting crashes:


Highway Incidents

  • [11:39 a.m.] I-70 EB near North Houston Pike (Harmony Township): Expect lane closures on I-70 eastbound beyond SR-54, due to a crash.
  • [8:17 a.m.] US-68 NB near I-70 (Springfield Township)
  • [8:18 a.m.] I-75 SB before I-70 (Vandalia): I-75 SB lane and on ramp to I-70 reopens after jackknife crash involving commercial truck closed The right lane is blocked on I-75 southbound at I-70, due to a crash. Ramp to I-70 from I-75 southbound closed because of a crash.

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  • [8:16 a.m.] I-675 NB near SR-844/North Fairfield Road (Beavercreek) : I-675 northbound at SR-844/North Fairfield Road reopens after a crash blocked the left lane.
  • [8:14 a.m.] I-75 NB near SR-122/Middletown (Middletown) : I-75 northbound beyond SR-122/Middletown reopens after a crash blocked the right lane.
  • [8:12 a.m.] I-70 WB near Dayton International Airport Access Road (Dayton): I-70 westbound beyond Dayton International Airport Access Road reopens after a crash blocked left lane.
  • [6:36 a.m.] I-675 SB near Far Hills Avenue on ramp (Centerville)

>> PHOTOS: Trucks crash on I-675 causing lane closures

  • [5:57 a.m.] SR-4 NB near Harshman Road (Riverside)
  • [5:56 a.m.] US-35 EB near Steve Whalen Blvd (Dayton)
  • [5:45 a.m.] I-75 SB near Wagner Ford Road (Harrison Township)
  • [5:30 a.m.] I-675 SB near North Fairfield Road (Beavercreek): I-675 reopens after a crash between an ODOT truck and a semi-truck trailer closed I-675 northbound near North Fairfield Road.
  • [5:29 a.m.] I-70 WB near SR-67 (Harmony Township)
  • [5:06 a.m.] US-68 near West Hickory Grove Road (Urbana Township)

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Street Incidents

  • [12:40 p.m.] 100 Block of Nassau Street
  • [11:33 a.m.] Intersection of East Fifth Street and Dayton Towers Drive
  • [10:45 a.m.] Intersection of Brookville Salem Road and Upper Lewisburg Salem Road (Clay Township)
  • [10:45 a.m.] 4800 Block of South Dixie Drive
  • [10:37 a.m.] 1600 Block of Bartley Road (Dayton)
  • [9:45 a.m.] 800 Block of Miamisburg Centerville Road (Washington Township)
  • [8:29 a.m.] 3100 Block of Elbee Road (Moraine)
  • [8:27 a.m.] 1400 Block of East Xenia Drive (Xenia Township)
  • [6:45 a.m.] 10500 Block of Mudlick Road (German Township)
  • [5:52 a.m.] Dog Leg Road over I-70 (Butler Township)
  • [5:30 a.m.] Intersection of North Dixie Drive and Lightner Road (Butler Township)
  • [4:31 a.m.] Intersection of Lorenz Avenue and Oakridge Drive (Dayton)
  • [3:34 a.m.] Intersection of Camp Road at Willowview Drive (Moraine)
  • [3:10 a.m.] 1700 Block of Alamo Court (Jefferson Township)
  • [3:07 a.m.] Intersection of Essex Street and East Street (Springfield)
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