I-TEAM: Consumers in 3 states say Greene County woodworking company took their money

GREENE COUNTY — Consumers from all over the country say a Beavercreek-based woodworking company took their money and ran.

Altogether, they’re out nearly $34,000, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office says.

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As the I-Team previously reported, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost says these people are not alone.

His office filed the lawsuit in Greene County, but Yost’s consumer protection division says so far all five victims live out of state.

Heather and Warren Fenner wanted custom woodwork for their new home in Woodstock, Vermont. They never received the woodwork.

Rene Slayden wanted something built for her mudroom in Bethalo, Illinois. They, too, never received the something they wanted built.

Michael Hayes said he ordered three custom woodworking pieces for the housing he provides for traveling nurses in New Haven, Connecticut. Hayes did receive one of the units he ordered.

All of them paid upfront when they placed orders online with Speck Custom Woodwork, LLC.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has filed a lawsuit against the company and its owner, Trevor Speck, and is trying to get people their money back. According to the lawsuit, Speck mostly sold his product online on sites such as Etsy and Shopify and refused to give his customers refunds.

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In all, Yost says, five consumers in four states reported losing $33,786.76 after Speck did not deliver the products people paid for.

Yost told the I-Team his lawsuit also seeks tens of thousands of dollars in civil fines.

The I-Team worked all day Friday to get Speck’s side of the story.

News Center 7 checked out the address in Beavercreek the Ohio AG’s Office lists for Speck Custom Woodwork, LLC in its lawsuit, and it appeared to be vacant. This news organization also visited Speck’s home in Dayton and knocked on the door, but no one answered. He also did not respond to phone calls or emails.

The consumers told News Center 7 that Speck eventually stopped returning their calls and texts. Now they hope to get their money back through the Ohio AG lawsuit and help others by sharing their stories.

Yost said he believes there may be “dozens” of other consumers who were affected by Speck’s business. Anyone who may have been affected by Speck’s business practices can contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office by filing a complaint or by calling 800-282-0515.

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