Charges pending against woman accused of causing deadly crash in Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY — A woman accused of causing a deadly crash in Montgomery County remains in jail, according to a spokesperson from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

The crash happened Monday evening at the intersection of Third Street and U.S. Route 35, according to a previous News Center 7 report.

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Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck identified the woman as Melissa Hutchins, 50, of Dayton.

The spokesperson said Hutchins is being held on unrelated warrants while investigators work with the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office to present additional charges.

According to a previous News Center 7 report, Hutchins ran from Butler Township police in the construction zone on I-75 and took off again when deputies spotted her three hours later.

A detective used stop sticks and cruiser camera footage showed a tire smoking then detaching and flying backward. The chase lasted just over three minutes on SR-49 South.

Hutchins lost control, the SUV spinning through two complete 360s, but she took off again and ran through the red light at West Third Street.

She ran into Colby Ross’s convertible, forcing him into a pickup truck and causing his ejection.

Ross was killed in the crash, according to a previous News Center 7 report.

Hutchins has been charged many times for driving without a valid license, Streck said.

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On Tuesday, Streck said the vehicle Hutchins drove did not belong to her, and deputies will investigate to make sure the owner did not know she didn’t have a license.

Additional information wasn’t immediately available as the investigation is ongoing.

We will continue following this story.

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