Celebrating Women’s History Month: Daria Dillard-Stone

DAYTON — As WHIO continues to cover important women in the Miami Valley, we would like you to meet Daria Dillard-Stone.

Dillard-Stone is the developer of the Star-Self Development Program and is a ball of energy with ideas, programs, and daily quotes that uplift women of all ages.

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The Star Program Teaches women how to “shine” by being smart, talented, awesome, and respected.

She’s a minister, a long-time community servant, and volunteers at her church and community.

She has also served with the Urban League, the Wesley Foundation, and several other locally-based help agencies. We spoke to her at the YWCA’s Annual Women of Influence Awards Luncheon.

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She says awards are great but should not be the driving force for women.

“Don’t wait for the recognition, do the work!” said Dillard-Stone. “Along the way, somebody said, thank you, the rest will follow you.”

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