Celebrating Women’s History Month: Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders

WHIO continues to celebrate women’s History Month with Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders.

Founder, and former owner of WROU 92.1, U-92, and 96.9 WRNB, Hawes-Saunders went on to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.

Hawes-Saunders is committed to various boards and committees.

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She has earned many awards and accolades but says influential women don’t ‘give of themselves’ to get awards.

“They do it because it’s a passion. Because the work needs to be done; don’t do it for the reward,” says Hawes-Saunders.

Between running a radio station, overseeing the business of an internationally acclaimed dance troupe, or even organizing a yearly, day-long concert known as ‘fly city,’ Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders will always be making moves.

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