BBB: Scammers after college students’ newfound independence

DAYTON — As colleges throughout the Miami Valley are starting up their school years, the Better Business Bureau has warned students that scammers are going to try to take advantage of their newfound independence.

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Wright State University freshmen are moving in Thursday and many are excited to get the semester started.

Martha Dawson, a Wright State University Freshman is excited to get moved into her dorm room, but the independence it brings is the biggest change she is experiencing.

“I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for this moment to come,” Dawson said. “I’m a little bit nervous for a new change but honestly I’m ready to start new, start fresh.”

Scammers aim their scams at college students this time of year because of their vulnerability.

BBB Sheri Sword said there are several scams college students need to be aware of.

“Scammers want to get a piece of the pie. So, they know that back to school for college is big business and they want to take a part of it,” Sword said.

One scam that students should be on the lookout for is phony credit card offers, as college is a time when many students will get their first credit card.

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“Scammers are out there making those offers and all they want to do is get your personal information and go in business as you,” Sword said.

It is crucial to keep that personal information safe and the BBB recommends students get their sensitive information mailed back home to avoid it getting in the wrong hands on campus.

“We’re just trusting. We tend to believe that our friends are our friends and they’re not going to do us dirty,” Sword said.

Another big scam the BBB has seen occur revolves around the idea of fake rentals.

“College students are some of the most hit because they’re looking for a new home every year,” Sword said. “So really check them out and research them before you sign on the dotted line and provide any personal information or money.”

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Students should also keep in mind that there could be fake scholarships and grants out there. Even though college is expensive, and it is worthwhile to apply to various opportunities, it is important to be wary of things that seem too good to be true.

BBB also said scams with identification theft and online shopping are prevalent among college students. It is important for all students to be aware of the current scams circulating so they don’t fall victim to something that could turn out to be detrimental.

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