After church raises concerns with proposed Sheetz, Centerville residents react

CENTERVILLE — Centerville residents shared their thoughts about a proposed gas station after a local church raised concerns.

In August city council members approved a plan to build a Sheetz convenience store along Far Hills Avenue.

This would be next door to the Epiphany Luther Church, who has voiced their concerns with the plan.

“Epiphany does not oppose Sheetz as a company or the expansion of its business; Epiphany opposes a Sheetz at the proposed location on Far Hills,” A spokesperson said in a statement. “It raises significant questions regarding the safety of vulnerable populations on our campus, including children and older adults, and it will affect the worshipful and restful atmosphere that promotes healing and restoration in an often hurting and chaotic world.”

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“Just overall in general with Centerville and Kettering, I’m not usually that worried about crime at any of the gas stations,” Jamie Vannoy said.

While Piper Kirby of Centerville said can see why the church may think this.

“I can see that as a real problem especially with preschool in the church,” Kirby said.

Epiphany Lutheran Church filed an appeal with the city.

It will share its concerns with city council members at their meeting next month.

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