I-TEAM: Fencing contractor accused of scamming locals accused of similar actions in Tennessee

DAYTON — A Miami Valley fencing contractor who is accused of leaving customers high-and-dry after placing deposits was also accused of similar actions in Tennessee years before, according to new documents uncovered by the News Center 7 I-Team.

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Over a dozen Miami Valley residents have claimed Rob Fraley, owner of Dixie Fence South, ripped them off by taking their money, when they thought they were hiring a fencing contractor.

Now the News Center 7 I-Team has uncovered nearly identical accusations made by a homeowner in McMinn County, Tennessee years before the complaints were made by Miami Valley residents.

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A 2013 report taken by the McMinn County Sheriff’s Office claims Rob Fraley, who operated a company named “Dixie Fence” gave a couple a quote for a job at their home. The report shows the couple said they paid Fraley over $1,300 as a down payment for the job. However Fraley and his company never completed the job, the sheriff’s office report claims.

McMinn County, Tennessee is located between Knoxville and Chattanooga and is about an hour south of Knoxville along I-75.

The woman who filed the report told the I-Team’s John Bedell she is now widowed, but confirmed the details she told deputies nine years ago.

It was not immediately known if the sheriff’s office investigation resulted in any criminal charges. A McMinn County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson was continuing to look into a News Center 7 request if the investigation led to criminal charges.

Fraley’s lawyer Jon Paul Rion told News Center 7 he was aware of the allegations in Tennessee and all people who complained either had their money returned or the work was completed.

“It was an issue over 10 years ago. Everyone either had the job completed or were paid back in the end. I think Mr. Fraley then, as of now, intends to make sure everyone is paid in full,” Rion said.

“We’re working with the Attorney General’s Office to make sure that is what happens in this case.”

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In the Miami Valley, the Consumer Fraud Unit of the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office said they’ve heard complaints from 18 people in the area about Fraley and Dixie Fence South. However, the prosecutor’s office continues to review the matter.

Those who claim they’ve been scammed here in the area continue to wonder, will they get their money back.

“Honestly, I would just like to get my deposit back and move on,” Kim Wattermann of Kettering said.

“Well I’ve learned my lesson. I’m definitely going to check companies out first before I hire them,” Jim Davis of Miami Twp. said.

Rion said Fraley is still working to work with between 20 and 30 people and his goal will be to make it right.

“He was working even today finishing a fence of an individual that was part of the individuals that need to get the jobs done. He’s given his word to myself, and the (Ohio) Attorney General that he’s going to everything he can to make everyone whole,” Rion said.

“We’re working with the Attorney General’s Office to make sure that people do get their money back. Its not going to be tomorrow. But over time, he’s making arrangements to make sure everyone is repaid.”

We’ll continue to update this story as we learn more.

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