Piqua motel condemned for ‘unsafe,’ ‘unsanitary’ living conditions after investigation

PIQUA — A Piqua motel was condemned after an investigation of its property found “unsafe” and “unsanitary” living conditions.

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On December 5, Piqua police and City of Piqua Code Compliance personnel served search warrants at the Red Roof Inn located in the 900 block of Scott Drive, a spokesperson for the city said in a statement.

“Police investigators and code compliance inspectors conducted separate searches related to an ongoing criminal investigation and in response to complaints regarding building conditions indicating health and safety concerns,” the statement said. “The findings of the code compliance inspection resulted in the premises being condemned due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions.”

Guests staying at the location were given a period of time to vacate the building prior to the structure being secured to restrict access, the spokesperson added.

“We can confirm that the franchise-owned and operated property in Piqua is closed and the franchisee is cooperating with the local authorities to resolve issues,” a spokesperson for Red Roof Inn confirmed with News Center 7.

The city spokesperson said the premises will remain condemned until code violations are properly abated or the structure is razed.

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News Center 7 spoke to a person who identified themselves as a co-owner of the motel and accused the city of trying to take over the property.

Those who called the motel home said the “period of time” they were given to vacate was three days.

“It’s been a heartbreaking 72 hours,” Ronny Armstrong said.

Armstrong has lived in the motel for two years.

“I had a job here and I had my family here,” he said.

Now he isn’t sure where he and his family will go.

It’s a similar story for Jackie Stump. She admitted she saw various problems in the motel.

“Things weren’t getting fixed right when they should have been,” Stump said.

Attorney John Paul Rion is representing the property owners of the motel.

“We’re meeting Friday with the City of Piqua to attempt to determine what needs to be done to reopen the place,” Rion said.

Rion did not provide further comment on the case.

News Center 7 has reached out Piqua police and the city for additional details surrounding the investigation and will continue updating this story as we learn more.

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