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Urbana woman mails $1,000 cash, but is it a crime?

A Dayton police detective was conducting a parcel search at the Dayton International Airport last week when another package was brought to his attention.

The detective called the sender, an Urbana woman, who gave permission for him to open it. Inside, he found $1,000 in cash.

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The package was found May 16, according to a Dayton information report dated May 21.

The detective tried to speak to the Urbana woman again, but the report stated she returned his call after business hours and left a voicemail. The Dayton investigation is ongoing.

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It is not illegal to send cash through the United States Postal Service, unless it is being done for illegal purposes, such as money laundering. Such acts would be prosecuted federally as mail fraud. The USPS recommends money orders as a secure payment method instead of cash that could be stolen, according to its website.

Most parcel delivery services, such as FedEx and UPS, do not accept packages containing cash.

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