Man convicted in Klonda Richey dog mauling case going to prison for child abuse

A Dayton man who spent months in jail for failure to control his dogs that mauled and killed his neighbor Klonda Richey in February 2014, is now heading to prison for a child abuse case.

Andrew L. Nason, 32, now of Englewood, was found guilty Tuesday for causing severe head injuries to his girlfriend's two year old daughter in 2012. 

The toddler was taken by ambulance from the home where Nason was babysitting her while her mother was at work, according to the Montgomery County Prosecutor's office.

Nason was found guilty of felony assault and two counts of child endangering. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

"This defendant was supposed to be the child's caregiver. Instead,

he abused her and caused permanent injuries, likely requiring the victim to need assistance for

the rest of her life," said Mathias Heck, Montgomery County Prosecutor.

Andrew Nason and Julie Custer were found guilty of failure to control dogs in 2014. The couple's two mixed mastiff dogs attacked Klonda Richey in the driveway of her home on East Bruce. Richey's death led to legislation that attempted to strengthen Ohio's vicious dog laws. 


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