NWS confirms 2 tornadoes in Preble County, 1 near Huber Heights on Sunday

UPDATE @ 10:50 p.m.: A second EF1 tornado hit Preble County on Sunday night, this one near Eaton, National Weather Service investigators confirmed.

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All told, NWS investigators from Wilmington confirmed that on Sunday night:

  • A tornado hit northwest of Eaton in Preble County about 8:39 p.m.
  • A second touched down in West Alexandria, also in Preble, about 8:50 p.m.
  • A third hit near Huber Heights in Montgomery County about 9:22 p.m.
  • All three were rated EF1
  • No fatalities or injured were reported

The Eaton twister touched down northwest of Eaton about 8:39 p.m., moving at an estimated 90 mph and traveling 4.4 miles.

The beginning of the observed damage was at a property on the east side of Toby Road. Numerous trees were snapped or uprooted at this location, with facade damage to a house, likely caused at least in part by impact from the falling trees. Minor tree damage was also observed northeast of this location along Miller Williams Road.

Extensive tree damage was noted at a property on Washington Jackson Road, about a half-mile west of U.S. 35. The most significant structural damage was the removal of part of the roof.

Further to the northeast on U.S. 35, a power pole was downed.

On Eaton New Hope Road, a side of a barn was heavily damaged. Much of the material from the section of the barn was carried northeast, with a large amount of sheet metal carried more than 600 feet by the wind. A few pieces of sheet metal were carried as far as 2,000 feet. Tree damage was extensive at this property as well.

A few trees were downed along both sides of Eaton Gettysburg Road, about a half-mile north of Eaton New Hope Road. The end of the observed damage was to several trees east of U.S. 127 at state Route 726.

The West Alexandria tornado, which continued east into Montgomery County, was 7.6 miles in length, moving at an estimated 95 mph when it touched the ground about 8:50 p.m.

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It toppled a tree at the northeast corner of Leon Drive and uprooted several trees in a park on Dorsey Akers Drive, investigators said their report. Investigators found more significant damage at an industrial facility south of U.S. 35, on the east side of West Alexandria.

An old masonry building lost part of its roof and the collapse of most of one wall. Numerous trees were also downed and a dumpster was tossed into the air and moved about 100 feet north.

On the north side of U.S. 35 near Twin Creek, tree damage was observed at a private residence. Several other residential properties on the north side of U.S. 35 had minor structural and tree damage. One outbuilding about 1,400 feet west of Jordan Road was demolished. Sheet metal from this outbuilding was carried at least a half mile downstream.

On Old Dayton Road, a barn had half its roof removed and damage to the walls and doors. A thick metal fence surrounding a pool was blown over and several large trees were downed.

At Sheep Road, wooden fencing was blown down, with some damage to the roof of a house. The street sign at Old Dayton and Sheep roads was blown approximately 500 feet into a field.

On North Sulfur Springs Road, two properties suffered extensive tree damage. A property on the east side of the road also had two outbuildings damaged. Further east, a few trees were damaged at a residence on Crawford Road.

Several properties along Little Richmond Road, near Johnsville-Brookville Road, were also affected by tree damage. One property south of Little Richmond Road had a large swing set moved into an adjacent yard. The end of the observed damage was to several trees along a tree line about 1,000 feet north of Little Richmond Road.

The Huber Heights tornado carried maximum winds of 95 mph when it touched down at 9:22 p.m. The width was estimated to be 150 yards and its path length was about a mile.

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“Damage from this tornado was largely confined to a suburban residential area to the southwest of the intersection of Taylorsville Road and Ohio State Route 202 (Troy Pike),” weather service investigators said in their statement.

“The beginning of the observed damage was in a wooded area to the west and southwest of Lincrest Place. Damage became more widespread to the north-northeast of this location, with the most concentrated area of damage observed along Dial Drive between Wildview Drive and Longford Road.

“Several other roads in this area observed additional damage, including Pineview Drive, Pathview Drive, and Bluffview Drive. Throughout this neighborhood, extensive tree damage was observed, with hardwood trees both uprooted and snapped.”

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