Moon near Venus and Jupiter this Week

This week will be fun to stargaze! The waxing crescent moon will be your guide to two visible planets in the evening. We might get dark early this time of year but that just means you get time in the evening to enjoy the night sky longer.

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Dec. 7 through Dec. 11 the moon is close to Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. During the workweek, right after sunset and before about 7:30 a.m., look to the south/southwest for the waxing crescent moon.

You will notice a few very bright-looking stars nearby, but those are actually planets.

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On Dec. 7, the lineup of planets will go Jupiter, Saturn and Venus just above the moon. By the weekend, the moon will shift so look to the bottom right of the moon after sunset, and you will be able to see the trio.

It should be easy to see everything if clouds cooperate. Don’t forget to share photos on our Facebook page.