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‘Taking it back to how it all began;’ Browns unveil white alternate throwback helmets

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Browns will be wearing a new alternate helmet at a handful of games this upcoming season to bring back a throwback look for the team.

The Browns announced the new helmets on social media Tuesday saying they were “taking it back to how it all began.”

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The new helmets will be worn with the white throwback jerseys worn during the 2021 season for three games this season. It’ll bring back a look that hasn’t been worn by the team since the franchise began in 1946, according to an official release from the team.

The new helmets will include an orange and brown stripe down the middle and mark the first time the team has worn a non-orange helmet in over seven decades.

Executive Vice President and partner JW Johnson said the organization is “fired up” to have the alternate helmet.

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“We decided to go with the white helmet for a couple reasons — it harkens back to our past, and a lot of our greatest players wore white helmets. We also heard from our fans that it was the direction they wanted. We always want to continue having great fan interaction and deliver for them as much as we possibly can,” Johnson said.

These are the games the Browns plan to wear the alternate helmet this season:

  • Week 2 @ Pittsburgh Steelers (Sept. 18)
  • Week 6 vs. San Francisco 49ers (Oct. 15)
  • Week 17 vs. New York Jets (Dec. 28)
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