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Local Steals & Deals: Keep Your Tech Clean and Safe with Pristine Screen and Phoozy

Keep Your Tech Clean & Safe with Pristine Screen & Phoozy
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27 February, 2024

Keep Your Tech Clean and Safe with Pristine Screen and Phoozy

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Safeguard Your Tech & Clear Your View!

Experience the perfect device care and clarity duo with Phoozy and Pristine Screen! Phoozy's cutting-edge cases safeguard your devices against extreme temperatures and rugged conditions, ensuring durability wherever you go. Pristine Screen's convenient cleaner keeps your screens crystal clear. Just slip a bottle into your bag or pocket, and you'll be ready to freshen up your phone, tablet, laptop, glasses, and more. Grab these deals, and your devices will stay safe and sparkling, ready for any adventure!


Deal: $10.50-$62.99

Retail: $14.99-$89.99

(While supplies last)

30% Off

Phoozy offers innovative protective cases designed to keep your devices safe and secure in any environment. These cases provide thermal protection to shield your devices from extreme temperatures, whether you're out adventuring in the wilderness or simply enjoying a day at the beach. With a range of stylish and durable options, they ensure that your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets stay protected from the elements while maintaining their functionality. Explore the collection and find the perfect Phoozy case for your device!

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Pristine Screen

Deal: $24.99

Retail: $39.99

(While supplies last)

38% Off

Pristine Screen is the ultimate solution for keeping all your devices sparkling clean! With this all-in-one spray and wipe cleaner, you can effortlessly remove fingerprints, smudges, and dirt from all types of screens, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. It leaves a streak-free finish, ensuring crystal-clear displays for an optimal viewing experience. Say goodbye to blurry screens and hello to pristine clarity with Pristine Screen!

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