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Local Steals & Deals: Freshen up your home with Clean People, Wad Free, and Brilla Lamp

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19 April, 2023

Freshen up your home with Clean People, Wad Free, and Brilla Lamp

Local Steals & Deals is your one-stop shop for real deals and real exclusives on amazing brands. Check out our hosts below, sharing some of our best sellers. Available for a limited time only–while supplies last!

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Deals you’ll love to revitalize your home.

Freshening up your home can be a great way to welcome a new season and bring new energy into your living space. Check out our deals on Clean People, Wad Free, and Brilla Lamp for affordable ways to breathe new life into your home.

Clean People

Deal: $23.99-$27.99

Retail: $33.00-$39.00

(While supplies last)


Clean People has everything you need to get your clothes spick and span for spring. This line of laundry strips and dryer sheets is safe, effective, and eco-friendly. They’re free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, making them gentle on your skin and the environment. Plus, with up to 28% off regular prices, you can save big while cleaning your clothes.

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Wad Free

Deal: $13.99

Retail: $19.99

(While supplies last)


If you're tired of dealing with tangled sheets from the washer and dryer, Wad Free will make your life easier! The set of Wad Preventers™ keep your items separated and moving freely during the washing and drying cycles, which can prevent damage to your clothes and ensure a more thorough clean. You can also save time and money by reducing the need to rewash items that didn't come clean the first time. In addition to the practical benefits, Wad Free can also be an eco-friendly choice. Preventing damage and reducing the need for rewashing can help conserve water and energy, which is better for the environment. Grab a pack today and save!

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Brillá Lamp

Deal: $149.99

Retail: $199.99

(While supplies last)


You'll never be caught in the dark again! Brillá Lamp combines innovative technology and beautiful design to create an attractive, functional lighting solution. It's rechargeable and has a discreet USB charging port that makes all the difference during a power emergency. It also uses less power which can help you save money on your energy bill and reduce your environmental impact. Rest easy with a Brillá lamp by your side, knowing that when the power goes out, Brillá's there to light the way. Shop this unbeatable deal now!

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