Yellow Springs first in Ohio to require mask within town limits; Some visitors aren’t complying, residents say

YELLOW SPRINGS — A new ordinance in Yellow Springs requires masks, social distancing and hand hygiene while in the Central Business District.

>>Yellow Springs passes ordinance requiring masks, social distancing, hand washing

Signs in shop windows in the area state the requirement for masks to enter, but some people say those visiting Yellow Springs are not following the rules.

“We’re far from being over this danger to society,” David Nibert said, as he wore his mask to walk his two dogs. “A lot of people who live in Yellow Springs are conscious and wearing masks already.”

People going into coffee shops, people walking outside, even a man setting up a tent, all had masks on in Yellow Springs Friday morning.

The only people exempt from the ordinance are those with medical conditions where masks could hinder breathing and anyone under 4 years old.

“If I put a mask on, I’m protecting you and I would hope that you would want to protect me,” said Patrick McHugh.

Susan Wolf said due to breathing restrictions masks cause her, she keeps it off unless she’s around a group of people.

“The virus has been hard on everyone and I understand not wearing a mask because it’s hard on me to walk and it causes me to breathe harder,” Wolf said. “I just hope people do all they can.”

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Both Nibert and McHugh said most villagers wear masks already, but they want anyone visiting Yellow Springs to do the same.

“There’s a lot of people who come in around the weekends and they’re notorious for not wearing masks,” Nibert said. “They’re acting as if everything is normal.”

Right now, there are no penalties for anyone caught not wearing a mask.

The ordinance is in effect until December 30 or until Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and the Health Department say Ohio is no longer in a state of emergency.

Kayla Courvell

Kayla Courvell

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