VIDEOS: Areas near Lake Erie swamped by flood waters

VIDEO: Major flooding near Canal Fulton, Northern Ohio

Northern Ohio — Excessive rainfall in Northern Ohio, specifically near Lake Erie, has caused major flooding through neighborhood streets.

Video above shows the flooding in a Canal Fulton town, where residents can be seen using canoes and kayaks to travel down the road.

“It’s been kind of crazy and annoying trying to get around town to places,” local woman Ashton Nair says.

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A waterfront Lake Erie homeowner describes his struggles in the video below.

VIDEO: Lake Erie homeowners worried about flooding, high water

“You have to be protected from every angle. We’re just in a mode of self preservation...protecting ourselves from Mother Nature.”

Water levels are at a high not seen in decades, according to local media, and homeowners are having to ‘batten down the hatches’ like never before.