Illegally owned exotic animal rescued from San Antonio home

SAN ANTONIO — An exotic animal was rescued after it was found clinging to the porch of San Antonio man’s home last week, according to animal care officials.

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According to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, officials rescued a female coati. The carnivorous mammal is related to raccoons and is found in Central America and South America, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

The man who found the animal did not own it. ACS officers determined the coati was illegally bought as a pet by a nearby resident who was keeping the animal in their backyard, KENS-TV reported.

“Imagine walking out onto your front porch and coming face to face with an unfamiliar creature that doesn’t seem all that happy to see you,” the ACS wrote in a social media post.

Officers struggled in capturing the coati, described as “nimble,” but after a brief workout and some running, the animal was safely contained, KSAT-TV reported.

State game wardens assisted the ACS in transferring the coati to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc., one of only three Texas organizations that are legally permitted to care for the animal, the Express-News reported. It was taken to a 200-acre private sanctuary in San Antonio, according to the newspaper.

“Coatis are diurnal animals in the same family as raccoons, and like any wildlife, they’re definitely not pets,” ACS wrote on its social media post. “Not only do wild animals like coatis make terrible house pets, but owning one could result in confiscation and a fine up to $2,000.”

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