Burger King workers write ‘we all quit’ on sign, walk out of Nebraska restaurant

LINCOLN, Neb. — Employees and a general manager at a Nebraska Burger King quit amid deteriorating work conditions and used the restaurant’s sign to let customers know.

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“We all quit,” the sign at the Lincoln Burger King read. “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Rachael Flores, who had served as general manager since January, had put in her two weeks notice and eight other employees also did so shortly before deciding to post the message on the sign, KLKN reported.

“They have gone through so many district managers since I’ve been GM,” Flores said. “No one has come to the store to help me out. They’re so in and out.”

Flores said the restaurant is short staffed and she would end up working 50 to 60 hours a week. She said at one point they did not have working air conditioning in the kitchen, where temperatures reached 90 degrees. Flores had to go to the hospital after becoming dehydrated.

Employees had joked Friday about putting up the message. On Saturday, they put it up on one side of the sign.

“They wanted to put up a sign to say, you know sorry there’s really not going to be anyone here,” Flores said. “Just kind of a laugh to upper management. That got put up (Saturday) before we opened, and I didn’t think anybody was going to notice it, because we did just one sign and then it went pretty crazy on Facebook. I got a call from my upper management and they told me I needed to take it down.”

Flores’ boss fired her later that day.

The location is still open.

Burger King did not comment.

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