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Powerball jackpot at over $1 billion, largest this year

OHIO — There is a lot of money at stake for tonight’s Powerball drawing.

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The Powerball jackpot is worth $1.2 billion, the largest Powerball prize this year.

If someone picks all the winning numbers and takes the cash option, they will get just over $550 before taxes.

This has people across the country buying tickets, even people who don’t normally play the lottery.

“I mean, my hopes are just, split this with 100 other people, come into the office making margaritas for everybody, and then go buy a boat,” said Matt Katz.


A woman has plans if she wins the Powerball.

“I have a house that needs repairs,” said Electra Zogan. “I would redo my whole house, and then I would travel, so I could think about what else to do.”

The next drawing is tonight.

News Center 7 will have the winning at 11 p.m. during WHIO TV Tonight.

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