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Ohio lawmakers respond to grand jury indictment of former President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. — We are getting reaction from Ohio lawmakers after a New York grand jury on Thursday voted to indict former President Donald Trump.

>>Grand jury votes to indict Donald Trump

U.S. Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio’s Fourth Congressional District wrote on social media, “Outragous.”

>>Donald Trump indicted: Lawmakers, allies and critics react

U.S. Representative Joyce Beatty from Ohio’s Third Congressional District praising the indictment on social media Thursday night.

“No person — not even a former President — is above the law.”

Ohio Senator JD Vance called the indictment, “a political persecution masquerading as law,” in a statement Thursday night. “Whilte

“While the radical left continues their obsession with harassing Donald Trump, the American people are suffering, said Vance. “Instead of working to improve the lives of the Americans they are supposed to represent, the ruling party is focused on kneecapping their greatest threat in the next election. “The American people will see this for exactly what it is: a grave miscarriage of justice.”

U.S. Representative Max Miller from Ohio’s seventh district called the indictment, “a politically motivated prosecution.”

“The American people should see this indictment for what it truly is,” he wrote on social media. “A politically motivated prosecution by a DA who is pursuing Donald Trump for political reasons.”

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