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‘I’d strong encourage you to get one;’ ODH says too many people skipping the new booster

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) held a press conference Friday morning regarding Covid-19 booster shots.

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Severe illnesses caused by Covid-19 are down but too many people are skipping the new booster and taking too many risks while the virus is still spreading, according to Ohio Department of Heath Director Doctor Bruce Vanderhoff.

Doctors warn Covid-19 is still posing a serious risk and too many who could be protected against it are not taking the right steps to stay safe.

Only 15% of Ohioans have gotten the updated booster and only 41% of people over the age of 60 have gotten, ODH said.

“If you’ve not gotten an updated booster and you’re over the age of 60, I’d strongly encourage you to get one,” said Vanderhoff. “Or at the very least, have a good conversation with your providers.”

ODH says the updated booster is effective against the dominant variant of the virus, which is circulating against Ohio.

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