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Coyote slips into Butler County home, finds comfy spot in bathroom like one of the family dogs

TRENTON — A wily coyote that slipped into a home in Trenton early Friday morning and found a comfortable spot in the family bathroom seemed to mean no harm.

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Nonetheless, police arrived just after 5:15 a.m. and three of them safely evicted the animal and released it back to nature unharmed.

The coyote was so quiet and apparently content, the five people in the home didn’t pay the small wild animal too much mind.

“When I first saw it, he seemed kind of just like timid and just kind of like laying, looking up like puppy dog eyes. It really didn’t seem harmful but I wasn’t going to take a chance,” Adam Whaley told News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis on Friday night.

“I mean we don’t see them a lot. We hear them, so it’s more hearing them than seeing them ever,” he said.

Whaley said his dad called police to come and get the animal, who was seemingly content and tucked behind the toilet in the first-floor bathroom.

Adam Whaley said his girlfriend was leaving for a trip and he was helping her take her luggage outside. He said he believed the blond coyote may have tipped inside while the front door was open.

“She said that earlier before she left, she felt something slide past her leg so she had just assumed it was one of my other dogs and it turned out that it wasn’t,” said Whaley, who noted he has three dogs in the house.

The early morning adventure prompted the police department to post the following advisory to social media:

“As a reminder, our city is surrounded by rural/agricultural areas that these animals call home. Please keep small pets and animals in mind during the evening hours, and please report any suspicious activity to our office.”

The Whaley clan is just happy no one was injured and the coyote is OK.

Whaley said he had gone back to sleep thinking it was a fox.

“We could’ve even stepped on it, if we would’ve turned the porch light on, it could’ve startled it, something could’ve happened,” Adam Whaley said. “It could’ve went a lot of different ways so I guess we were fortunate that it went the way that it did.”

If anything, he said, everybody in the home found the ordeal more or less a comical thing and got a good laugh out of it.

“I don’t get regular coyote visits. No,” he said.

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