Jamie Dupree

Post-election, Coronavirus cases explode in U.S.

As the nation was focused on the late vote counting in the race for President, the numbers on the Coronavirus outbreak in America have jumped to record levels, going over 100,000 new cases each of the past two days, as a number of states in the Midwest and Plains continue to set records for cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from the virus.

“We’re in the midst of a very serious nationwide resurgence,” tweeted Dr. Caitlin Rivers of Johns Hopkins University, who labeled the steep rise in numbers this week, ‘devastating.’

“Cases are on the rise nationwide,” former Vice President Joe Biden said after a briefing on the virus outbreak. “We’re reminded again of the severity of this pandemic.”

Not only have cases gone up dramatically in recent weeks - now averaging more than 90,000 new each day - but hospitalizations and deaths are also growing at a faster rate.

On Thursday, one day records for new cases were set in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Utah, Oklahoma, Nebraska, North Dakota, Idaho, Ohio, and Washington State.

Iowa has been especially hard-hit, as the state now has a record number of hospitalizations for the virus.

During the final weeks of the campaign, President Trump routinely told his campaign rallies that the news media uproar over the virus would fade away immediately after the elections.

“By the way, on November 4, you won’t hear about it anymore,” the President said to cheers at one October rally.

But on November 4 and 5, the nation went over 100,000 cases in a day.

“Unsurprisingly to anyone who’s not a conspiracy theorist, the pandemic didn’t end today,” tweeted Dr. Tara Smith of Kent State University. “We’re doing terribly and getting even worse.”

Jamie Dupree

Jamie Dupree, CMG Washington News Bureau

Radio News Director of the Washington Bureau

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