2022 Election: No debates for Ohio Governor between DeWine and Whaley

DAYTON — We are month from the general election and the two candidates wanting to be the next Ohio Governor still have not been in the same room to debate key issues.

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News Center 7′s Molly Koweek talked Monday with both Governor Mike DeWine and former Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley about their lack of debates.

Whaley has been pushing for this debate throughout her campaign and similarly, DeWine has been pushing back.

No debate is in Governor Mike DeWine’s mind Monday as he toured Esther Price Candies in Dayton as there is no debate on his schedule.

“I think we’ve been debating,” he told News Center 7. “We see things differently. We’re different on issues. We’re different on our accomplishments. I think people can see that.”

But Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor Nan Whaley wants to see him on stage.

“We think debates are really key for democracy, frankly, they’re the cornerstone of it,” she said. “Having two people that have differing views, and DeWine admits, we disagree a lot, he should come forward and not be a chicken about it. He’s standing for reelection on the ballot, the least he can do is have a debate.”

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DeWine said the two will be together for editorial board conversations, those are usually when journalists and decision makers from news organizations ask questions.

Those details are not finalized but Whaley says she plans to go.

“Anytime, anyplace, but that is not the equivalent of a debate.”

News Center 7 asked DeWine Monday about not meeting Whaley on stage for a debate.

“Her record is known, my record is known,” he answered.

A record Whaley said, he should defend in a public conversation.

“We deserve and the state deserves a governor that’s willing to stand before the people and have a debate. It’s what we do in the democratic process,” she said.

To make up for no debates, Whaley said she will travel around the state.

Her, “The Debates Ohio Deserves Tour” will include a stop in Dayton on October 20, according to the Whaley Campaign.

She will answer questions from voters.

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