Ohio hospitals experiencing highest number of COVID-19 patients

OHIO — Ohio hospitals are seeing the highest number of COVID-19 patients this week since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

New data from the Ohio Hospital Association shows that 1,122 COVID-positive patients are being treated in Ohio’s hospitals, 348 of which were in the ICU and 174 were on ventilators.

The previous highest numbers were in late April at 1,103 patients.

“Our case numbers have remained high during the past month. We know there is a lag between when people are infected with the virus and when they start to feel sick and ultimately are hospitalized,” said Lance D. Himes, interim director of the Ohio Department of Health. “Ohioans have worked hard to slow the spread of this disease. However, these numbers are a stark reminder that this virus is very much still with us.

Ohio Department of Health encourages Ohioans to remain dedicated to staying safe.

“We must remain vigilant and take every precaution to protect ourselves including staying home when possible, frequent handwashing, wearing masks and social distancing,” said Himes.

ODH uses this data as one of the metrics to determine where counties fall in the Public Health Advisory Warning system map.

New data also shows that the average age of people with COVID-19 in Ohio has been steadily decreasing, meaning that more young people are being exposed and have become ill.

"Being young and healthy does not mean that you will not be hospitalized or have complications," Himes said. "We also don't know what the long-term health impacts of COVID-19 are and people who get it may continue to have health issues in the future."

Additional information, guidance and data on COVID-19 is available at ODH’s website,

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