Man’s dog bites friend in the face

A woman suffered a severe laceration to the left side of her mouth and cheek, after her friend’s dog bit her on Woodbine Ave Tuesday.

Alyshia Webb, 23, was petting the dog as it licked her face. She told police at the hospital that she turned away to look at the TV, when the dog lunged at her and bit her face about 1:30 a.m., according to a Dayton Police report.

The owner, Thomas Hine, described the dog as a 65 lb. Blue pitbull. He admitted to the officer that this was the second time the dog had bitten someone. Hine said the first time, his dog bit a neighbor in April this year, and the dog had just come off quarantine. Hine told the police he gave the dog away, but the person who took the dog gave it back to him.

Hine was given a quarantine form.

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